Bournemouth Open T&F Results, Oct 2009

Weymouth St Paul Harriers continued their outstanding improvement and development this season, at the Bournemouth Open meeting at King’s Park.

The last club outing of the season involved not only athletes from Bournemouth area but also Bath, Newberry, Reading and Southampton.

The Under 17 men’s mile was won by Tom Austin in a little over 5 minutes. He also entered the 100m and managed a creditable 4th place. In the Under 15 events Ben Westhenry was again in outstanding form winning the mile in 5.01 and the 800 metres in 2.07. He also finished 4th in the long jump with 4.66 metres.

Matthew Strudwick continued his progress in the discus and 100 metres. Hayleigh Plummer was disappointed with her discus but enjoyed her 3rd place in the javelin. Abigail Strong competing in the under 15 girls events was 5th in the 100metres, 7th in the shot and 10th in a very large discus pool.

Max Drummond finished in 3rd place in both the 100 metres in 15.1 and long jump with 3.77 metres for the under 13 boys. Saxon Roy competing in the under 13s girls events finished 3rd in the high jump on a very blustery day with 1.35 metres, 4th in the 100 metres with 13.7 and 7th in the long jump with 3.87metres. Kelly Allan had a more than respectable time of 15.6 in the 70 metres hurdles and 7th in the 100 metres with 16.2. Sinead Saddington returned from injury should be pleased with her 6th place in the 100 metres in 16.1 and 8th in the 70 metres hurdles with 16.3 and 8th place. Elinor Mason was 7th in a 2 heat 800 metres with 3.04 and also 7th in the 70 metres hurdles in 16.2. Hannah Gray also had personal bests in70metres hurdles and 100 metres.

Bmth Sept 09In the under 11 (Quadkids) the Harriers fielded a 17 strong team including several debuts by some very keen 8 year olds. Gabriel Drake had personal bests in winning the 75m in 12seconds, and 3.96 metres in the long jump and to complete a very satisfying day was 2nd in the 600 metres with 2.15 minutes and 3rd in the Howler with 22.55 metres Jake Pitney completed his spectacular season with 1st in the 600 metres in 2.10 minutes, 2nd in the 75 metres with12.2, 2nd in the Howler with 27.73metres and 2nd in the long jump with 3.43m.

Toby Manning gleaned 4th in the 600 metres with 2.22minutes, long jump with 2.95, howler with 20.39 meters and 5th in the 75 metres in 13.2 secs.

Joshua Frampton raced to 6th places in both the 75 metres in 13.4 and 600 metres in 2.26 minutes. Jamie Kings progress continued with 5th place and a personal best in the 600 metres of 2.25 minutes and 6th place and a seasons best of 2.84 metres.

Bmth Sept 09 2Lee Manning was very excited with his personal best of 2.85 metres and 5th place in the long jump while Jack Owen also had a personal best of 2.50 minutes in the 600 metres.

The under 11 girls were not overshadowed by the boys with Savannah Evans winning the Howler with the very last throw of 23.33 metres and managing 13.9 for 7th in a very large field of 75 metre runners.. Lucy Fennell was 8th in the 75 metres in 13.9, Hannah Westhenry and Lauryn Montrose tied 9th place with 14.2 and Zoe Allan was 12th with 14.4.

In the 600 metres Lauryn Montrose powered home to a huge personal best of 2.15 minutes and first place taking the event on the line from a Bournemouth athlete who was given the same time. This was the fastest time by a Harrier under 11 for 7 years and second ever fastest time. Lauryn also came 4th in the long jump with 2.94 metres.

Besides the girls above the Harriers were proud of the display by the other members of the team including Jessica Austin who had a personal best of 2.55 in the 600 metres., Jodie Clark with a personal best of 2.54 in the 600 metres and 2.57 in the long jump, Emily Fraher with a personal best of 2.54 in the 600 metres and 2.56 in the long jump. Emily Jewszel beat Sophie Jewszel in the Long Jump but Sophie gained her revenge beating Emily in the 600 metres and Hannah Westhenry.