Phil and Bonnie Bounder 10k


The Club are organising a 10K run through Moreton Forest and adjoining woods in memory of Bonnie Christopher and Phil carpenter and to raise money for ‘Bonnies’s Last wish for Working Donkeys’ and Dorset County Hospital Chemotherapy Appeal respectively.

Distance: 10 Kilometers/6.25 Miles

When: Sunday 14th July 2019

Where: Moreton Village Hall, Dorset, DT2 8RE

Start Time: 09:30

Organiser: Sandra Hood – 01305 852620 – 07977 219306 –

The event will need volunteer from the club and beyond to ensure its success. We will need marshals, rice timers, car park attendants, computer operators etc. There will be tasks for everybody and much fun to be had in the process.

Are you First Aid trained? We need to ensure that we can get to injured runners easily and quickly. We will have radios to summon help and an of-road landrover with one tem on board, but if you can ride a mountain bike fast or run with a pack on your back, that would be brilliant. What can you offer?

We need sponsors for signage around the course, advance notice signs on the roads, stakes/fencing, pins, barricade tape, finish line gantry and banner, radios, marshal jackets and lots more. What can you offer? Can you beg or borrow anything from work or friend’s? Do you have a favor to call in? Do you run a Print Shop?

Do you, or someone you know have a public address system? Are you good on the microphone? if so, then please get in touch. Does anybody have a Loud Hailer? What abut a Gazebo?

Are you artistic? we would like a piece of artwork depicting the course to include in the runner’s information pack and to have at the start in large format. Do you fancy doing this for us? We can walk you around the course to get ideas or you can run it yourself.

Email Sandra at with your name and mobile number and details of how you can help or what you have to offer. We will get back to you soon.

In the meantime, tell all your friends about it. There are 18 weeks to go. Plenty of time to go through a typical ‘Couch to 10k’ training programme with time to spare.

This will help My Running Tips – Couch to 10K

Event Details

For Event details, please see the Phil and Bonnie Bounder EVENT PAGE

More event details and ticketing will be added as they become available.