Sports Hall Athletics Results, Portland Feb 2010

Weymouth St. Paul’s Harriers and Athletic Club finished their Sports Hall season with a successful event at The Osprey Centre, Portland.

Sports Hall Feb 2010The under U13 boys Weymouth Hot Shots won their section with the Harriers other U13 boys team the Weymouth Wizards finishing 6th on the day.

Lochlan Frasers personal best of  4.47 metres in the Shot won that event and 26 points. In the 1 x 1 lap Rhys Roper and Luke Strong came second and Lochlan Fraser and Jonas Vick were timed at 34.8. Bailey Roper gained 19pts with a time of 30.4sec in the 2 lap while in the 4 lap Rhys Roper, Luke Strong and Jamie King totalled 60 points between them.

For the Hot shots Jake Pitney came second in the 6 laps with a time of 1.14.5. In the PaarLauf Luke Bennett and Lee Manning came second scoring 25pts. The Hot shots  in the 4 x 2 lap with the squad of Luke Bassett, Jamie Jing, Jake Pitney and Bailey Roper also finished 2nd. Mark Strudwick, Lochlan Fraser, Jonas Vick and Lee Manning came 3rd in the Circuit relay with a time of 1.59.3.

Rhys Roper, Luke Strong, Jake Pitney and Jamie King gleaned a huge 75 points in the Standing long jump for the Hot Shots and the Wizards. In the Vertical Jump Lee Manning came second and 25pts with the Standing Triple Jump of Bailey Roper gained a further 20 points for 7th place. In the final event for the U 13 boys the extremely tiring Speed Bounce provided 7th and 8th for Jonas Vick and Mark Strudwick.

In the non scoring under 11 girls 1 + 1 lap Jessica Austen and Jodie Clarke came 9th with Zoe Allan and Emily Jewszel  finishing 11th. The two under 13 girls teams of Weymouth Wonders and Weymouth Cool Runners tied for 5th place with 294 pts each.

Saxon Roy was again outstanding for the Wonders with 2rd place in the Standing Long Jump with 2.05 and must 1 cm behind the winner and 3rd place in the 2 lap. Also in the 2 laps Kellie Allan was 7th for the Wonders while Hannah Westhenry and Jodie Clarke totalled 20 pts for the Cool Runners.

2 powerful performances by Hannah Grey and Jennifer Breslin amassed a further 31 pts. On an increasingly slippery floor Lauryn Montrose tied 6th place in the 6 laps with Elinor Mason coming 8th and 10th respectively. The PaarLauf showed Charlotte-Lidgely Ryan and Sinead Saddington at their best with 2nd place for the Wonders. For the Cool Runners Emily Fraher and Holleigh Breslin came 6th and Sophia Jewszel and Lucy Fennell 8th.

In the 4 x 2 lap Charlotte Lidgley-Ryan, Sinead Saddington, Elinor Mason and Laura Rankin finished 4th with Kelly Allan, Hannah Grey, Jennifer Breslin and Saxon Roy ending 7th  for the Wonders.. The Cool Runners squads of Lauryn Montrose, Natasha Faulkner, Hannah Westhenry and Savannah Evans followed them home in 8th place with Sophia Jewszel, Lucy Fennell, Holleigh Breslin and Emily Fraher 8th.

The Cool Runners group of Zoe Allan, Jodie Clarke, Emily Jewszel and Jessica Austen came a respectable 6th. The Standing Long Jump found Kelly Allan 6th for the Wonders with Emily Fraher and Emily Jewszel collecting 25pts for the Cool Runners. Elinor Mason finished 8th with 4.9 metres in the Standing Long Jump for the Wonders with the Cool Runners picking up 27 points from Holleigh Breslin and Zoe Allan.

In the Vertical Jump Laura Rankin came 6th for the Wonders with Hannah Westhenry and Jessica Austin claiming 34 points for the Cool Runners. The shot found Savannah Evans and Lauryn Montrose adding 36pts for the Cool Runners with Holleigh Breslin finishing with 15 pts for the Wonders. Lucy Fennell, Hannah Grey and Sophia Jewszel were in good form in the Speed Bounce claiming 37 points between them.

Abi Strongs fine Sportshall year found her finishing 7th overall for the season just 1 point behind 6th place. Abi cemented her position with fine performances on the final day in the 2 lap, Standing Long Jump and Shot and 5th, 5th and 4th respectively.