Code of Conduct for Athletes

For Athletes, becoming a member of this Club involves:

  • Attending training regularly (at least once a week).
  • Arriving ON TIME for training.
  • Wearing your green training shirt to all training sessions.
  • Not wasting other athletes’ time with distraction and ‘fooling around’ during training.
  • Treating your coach with respect.
  • Keeping your coach informed of any problems or injuries you may have which affect your athletics.
  • Keeping your coach informed of any other activities you do, which may affect your training.
  • Supporting your club in competition whenever possible.
  • Following the safety rules of this club.
  • Treating your fellow athletes with respect (we all need to learn and can all improve).
  • Setting a good example to younger athletes.
  • Paying an annual subscription.

Paying track fees, match fees and other charges promptly.
Remember, athletics is a team sport and every team member is important – encourage your team mates!