Safety Rules

Track safety

  • Warm-up in the outside 3 lanes.
  • Leave the inside clear for distance runners.
  • Do not hold discussions on the track.
  • Check for runners before you cross the track. An adult can travel very fast and cannot stop instantly if you step out in front of him (not quite so bad as a car, but you will get hurt).
  • Never leave your equipment on the track.


  • Only the coach and assistants use the rake.
  • Never leave the rake lying on the ground – prop it against the fence.
  • Check before you cross the run-up.
  • Never leave anything on the run-up.
  • Place markers at the side
  • Do not ‘dive’ on the high jump mats, whilst they are being assembled.
  • Never attempt Fosbury style High jump, except onto a suitable landing area, under the direction of your coach.


  • The centre of the stadium is for throws events
  • During throws coaching, discipline is very important. All throws implements were originally weapons of war !! They can kill if used wrongly. An Official was killed by a hammer two years ago. (Not at Weymouth). He was in the wrong place.
  • When you are throwing YOU should always check the area is clear before you throw.
  • No under 18s to train except with a coach.
  • No throws equipment will be issued to under 18’s.
  • Only venture into the centre of the arena if told to (by your coach) and be aware of which events are in progress Note; Some venues have throws at both ends.
  • Never cross the centre of the stadium when the long throws are in progress (training or event).
  • Walk around the edge of the track, then cross where you need to be.


  • When working in a group, Javelin must all be thrown, before all are collected.
  • Always walk whilst collecting and returning javelin.
  • Place thumb over blunt end, lever javelin to vertical position. Remove from ground.
  • Carry it in a vertical position
  • NEVER throw back towards your throwing position.
  • Remember, both ends of Javelin can kill. The ‘blunt’ end is still sharp enough to stick into someone.


  • Juniors should not lift the large shots, ONLY the appropriate weight for their age.; U11 girls 1kg to 2 kg, U11 boys 1kg to 2.72kg, U13 girls 2.72 kg, U13 boys 3.25 kg.


  • Throws should only be attempted from the circle, under instruction form a coach.
  • Wait for your turn from behind the cage
  • Do not walk across the sector when discus (training or event) is in progress.
  • At a competition: Never walk straight across the middle of the stadium to get to your event.The middle area is used for throws and you may get killed. If not you may get disqualified.
  • No one is allowed in the centre of stadium, except when competing.