Athletics is a team event, and every member of the team is important. When we enter a competition, our Team Manager selects a team who can compete in every event, to maximise the number of points scored. It is the Team Manager’s job to arrange the team so that events are covered as effectively as possible, and new members may sometimes be asked to try an event that is not their favourite.


  • Athletes will be asked if they are available for selection for all matches at the beginning of the season. If your availability changes please inform your team manager.
  • You will be given availability and club consent forms. Please ensure you return these as soon as possible.
  • (Wessex League track and field) Each meeting has the same timetable of events.
  • We can enter 2 athletes plus guests in each event. (1 field guest, unlimited track).
  • “A string / B string / guest” will always be based on “Power of 10” ranking and training performance. Our younger or less experienced athletes are usually chosen as guest athletes, to gain valuable experience and receive an ‘official’ time or distance.
  • Selections will be made on assessments of performance, fitness level, and level of commitment. We will need to have recently seen you performing well.
  • You will be notified of your selection in the week before the event.
  • You may be asked cover up to a maximum of 3 events, should a team member withdraw from the competition.
  • You will never be asked to compete in an event which you do not know how to do safely.
  • U13’s can compete in a maximum of 3 events plus relay.

What To Bring

  • Your coach fare and match fee.
  • Your club vest (U13 and above) or T-shirt and shorts.
  • Safety pins for your number / letter (4 for front, 4 for back).
  • Food and drink to last all day.
  • Spare clothes, to keep warm and in case of rain during your event.
  • Your running shoes or spikes.
  • Sun cream, hat and sun glasses.
  • Rainwear.
  • Something to amuse yourself with between events. (It is against UK Athletics rules to wear headphones / take gadgets into the infield – You can be disqualified for this).

At The Venue

Note where our team is based. Sometimes we have an area in the grandstand. If there is no grandstand we usually have a team name board which we display. Always return to this area after your event. Tell the Team Manager or an adult helper before you leave the team area. The Team Manager will remind you which event(s) you are competing in and give you further instructions. You will be given two letters or numbers to wear on your shirt. Sometimes these are different for each event, so listen to all instructions carefully (eg A string wears C, B string wears CC, guest runners wear numbers). Report to your event in good time, READY WARMED-UP!

Upcoming Field and Track