Public Liability and Accident Insurance

As a UKA affiliated club or organisation, an athlete who has paid subscriptions to an affiliated club or organisation, or a Coach or Leader who holds a current UKA pass and licence in the discipline being coached, or a Technical Official who acts on behalf of a UKA affiliated club, organisation, or meeting promoter, or a UK, or Home Country Team Manager you are automatically provided with insurance cover related to “athletics activities”.

This not only means training and competitions, but also administrative meetings, social and fund raising activities organised by a club. For paid or unpaid coaches, this includes when undertaking coaching for other non UKA Affiliated bodies. It covers unqualified people so long as they are under the direct control of a qualified licenced Coach or Leader and are merely carrying out instructions given to them by that Coach or Leader.

You can download the latest insurance documents from the UKA website (Governance section).