Wessex League Junior Track and Field

July 14, 2019 @ 10:45 am – 4:45 pm
Isle of White Sandown Fairway Athletics Centre
The Fairway
Sandown PO36 9JH

Clubs compete on a league basis of four matches evenly spread around as much as possible on a club strength and geographical basis. Trophies are awarded to the league champions as well as age groups. Medals are awarded to athletes of the match (boys and girls in both track and field events). In addition at the end of the season any record breakers are also awarded medals.

Field Events:

Trials: All field events except high jump will be of 3 trials. Any athlete reaching an AAA grade 3 or above will receive 2 additional attempts (Except for Non-Scoring Athletes)
High Jump: Starting height for the high jump will be:
Under 13 Girls 1.00m Under 13 Boys 1.00m
Under 15 Girls 1.10m. Under 15 Boys 1.20m.
Under 17 Women 1.20m. Under 17 Men 1.30m.
Then the height will go up in 5cm increments. The last three competitors in each age group will be allowed to increase the height by 2cm
Athletes must not mark their run up with any item apart from tape or marker provided by Host Team, this applies equally to both senior athletes and Quad Kids


Teams are limited to 10 athletes per gender. (There are to be NO Non-Scoring athletes in Quadkids)
Athletes must be in school years 4 & 5 and under eleven by August 31st of the competition year.
Quadkids will be divided into 2 pools per gender for the field events
Quadkids must assemble at nominated meet point then be escorted to the event.
Quadkids team manager can remain within the track perimeter during competition to help and assist as necessary. (Only one adult per Quadkids Team will be allowed inside the track)
Vortex will be 3 straight throws with only the longest measured.
All throws to be measured from a central point (like javelin)
The Vortex must be thrown with the same technique as a Javelin i.e. pull throw
Long jump will be 1 practice jump followed by 2 competition jumps.
A 3rd jump will be allowed if the first 2 are NO jumps, failing that 3rd jump will result in 3 NO jumps.
Quadkids shall compete in sequential order within each round, similar to older athletes.

Full League Info

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Time Table for Events

The Track and Field Event Timetable can be seen :