Pete Clarke presented a discussion document at to a committee meeting which was accepted in principle. It was then decided to hand the fine tuning of the proposals over to the Road Running section as it is our province. This document sums up the main points which have been agreed by the RR Coaches.

The situation at present is that there are a number of places made available to athletic clubs throughout the UK. Virgin London Marathon have revised the qualifying numbers several times and, under the present rules WSPH are allocated one place. This is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future but may do particularly if there should be a change of sponsor.

WSPH committee consider it important that recipients of our club place should wear their club vest on the day to promote the club.


  1. Any applicant for the club place MUST have received a rejection slip from the original VLM ballot.
  2. Applicants must be paid up competitive members of WSPH and have been so for at least 12 months. (this means that they are registered as competitive athletes with UK Athletics).

Other factors for consideration.                                              

  1. Runners who are close to getting a “Good for Age“ time which (if achieved) then normally guarantees a place for the following year as well.
    1. Representing WSPH in competition. We want to promote excellence and inclusion and not to be purely a “Social” club.
    1. Wearing of club vests in DRRL races (technically a League requirement for runners to count for team points) and other events.
    1. Involvement in other areas such as club training sessions , coaching or marshalling, and also helping with club activities such as Couch to 5K.
    1. Raising the profile of WSPH in the local community volunteering at Parkrun or doing write-ups for the Echo.
    1. Successful applicants are unlikely to be eligible for the club place for the next 3 years.
    1. In the event of there being no clear candidate then a ballot will be held to decide who will get the Club place.
    1. If only one runner is wishing to claim theClub place then a. to g. above will be ignored.